Our main products and technologies


LatheLathe manufacturing

Material SUS303
Outer diameter φ20
Length 100
Features 1 chuck processing of 8 irregularly shaped cams from bar material
Material SUS304
Outer diameter φ15
Length 35
Features 1 chuck processing from bar material
Material SUM24L
Outer diameter φ13
Length 24
Features Minimum of Φ0.4 hole
Material C3604
Outer diameter Irregularly shaped
Length 25
Features Five-sided processing with composite lathe
Material SUS304
Outer diameter φ15
Length 44
Features Hex M10 Processing
Material ASTM F136
(Ti 6Al-4V ELI)
Outer diameter φ10
Length 5
Features Hexalobular internal

Machining centerMachining center processing

Material SUS304
Width 25
Length 26
Height 8
Features Flatness on the back side of the bottom 0.01
Material C3604
Width 57
Length 17
Height 10
Features Start shaving
by Machining center
Material ADC
Width 18
Length 53
Height 28
Features Post processing of die castings

GearGear cutting

Material C6782
Outer diameter φ15
Module 0.6
Length 32
Features High helix helical gear(63°)
ooth profile/Total alignment accuracy 2 μm or less
Material C3604
Outer diameter φ18
Module 0.4
Length 6
Features JIGMA 0 grade
Material C3604
Outer diameter φ25
Module 0.4
Length 5
Features New JIS 6th grade
Material S45C
Outer diameter φ8-φ15
Module 0.5
Length 22
Features Two-stage gear assembled
Material A2017
Outer diameter φ25
Module 0.8
Length 18
Material C3604
Outer diameter φ15
Module 0.6
Length 20
Features Worm gear machining (on a lathe)

PressPress working

Material SUS304
Thickness t1.0
Width 27
Length 27
Features Own die/tooling
Material SUS304
Thickness t0.2
Width 7
Length 38
Features Own die/tooling
Material C2680
Thickness t0.3
Width 16
Length 26
Features Own die/tooling

MedicalMedical components

Material Sintered titanium
Width 70
Length 70
Height 40
Features Secondary operatin for 3D objects
Material SUS630
Outer diameter φ8
Length 175
Features Medical extension code
Material ASTM F136(Ti6AL-4VELI)
Outer diameter φ4.5
Length 35
Features Spinal implant prototype

*We can also work with the parts for artificial hip joint and knee joint.

AssemblyDesign for assembly

Features Folding stand
Features Decelerating machinery unit